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User guide for "171 Track colors for Cubase"

What is it?

Cubase is a music/audio production computer software (also known as a DAW). Cubase allows multi track audio and VST recordings.

Recording large projects in Cubase often require a dozen MIDI, instrument or audio tracks that can quickly be a challenge to organize. This is why we use track colors to separate, group and organize multiple tracks in a production project.

"171 Track colors for Cubase" is a track color pack for Cubase made by DAWLAB. It simplifies your work flow and makes Cubase beautiful to look at with 171 pre-built track colors.

You can grab "171 Track colors for Cubase" from here 😃

Minimum requirements

Compatible with all versions of Cubase from Cubase SX 2.2 up to Cubase Pro 10 ✔👍

The latest test was performed with Cubase Pro 9 (update 10.0.20).

Not tested fully on Mac, but it should work as Cubase project files (CPR) are cross compatible with MacOS and Windows.

Install the color pack on Windows 10 for Cubase 10

Once you have downloaded the color pack:

  • Right click on the file with your mouse

  • Click on extract all to unpack the file contents.

  • Click on "Extract" to proceed.

  • Open any of the Cubase files to proceed

Windows does not recognize files?

If Windows do not recognize these files they will not open by default. In this case:

  • Right click on any of the files

  • Click on "Properties" and then "change" (to the right of the text that says "Opens with")

  • Click on "more apps", scroll down and click on "Look for another app on this PC".

  • Navigate to "This PC", Your Operating System drive -> "Program Files" -> "Steinberg" -> "Cubase 10" and select "Cubase10.exe".

Windows will now always open Cubase Project files in Cubase 10. Double click any of the files to open the project in Cubase 10.

How to use

Once you open the color pack project file the colors are easily available in the tools panel. Just click on the "Select color" tool in the tool bar.

Always use the color pack for new projects

If you want these colors to appear by default in every new Cubase project you make:

  • Click on "Project" in the menu and then "Project Colors Setup"

  • Click on "options" and then "Store Color Set as Default"

  • Save the settings by clicking "Apply"

Colors does not apply to tracks automatically?

If you want each new track to use the next color in the list you will have to go to:

"Preferences" -> "Event Display" -> "Tracks" and choose "Use Previous Track Color +1" in the "Auto Track Color Mode".

What are all the project files in the pack?

The color pack contains many project files. The reason why they are separated like this is because previous versions of Cubase does not have an intuitive graphical user interface that supports a large amount of colors. In this case you might want to just use a portion of the color pack.

Thanks for your patience, your support and for being AWESOME! 😃👍